OpenWay Helps Kazkommertsbank Become the First in Kazakhstan to Acquire Card Transactions on American Express’s New-Generation Network

OpenWay, through its WAY4 payment processing software, has facilitated Kazkommertsbank’s connection to the latest-generation American Express GNS (Global Network Services). This will lead to considerable improvements in the quality of POS and ATM acquiring for American Express (Amex) cards in the bank’s homeland of Kazakhstan.

American Express GNS is a new-generation ISO 8583 network that links Amex processing centres around the world. By connecting to the new network, banks are able to replace legacy Amex processing technology with upgraded, higher-quality Amex services.

The WAY4 software is able to handle the necessary interfaces between the bank’s systems and the American Express GNS. Kazkommertsbank, one of the leading banks in Central Asia, uses WAY4 software solutions for issuing and acquiring international payment card products, managing delivery channels and switching financial transactions.

The project to connect Kazkommertsbank’s retail point-of-sale (POS) network to American Express GNS and allow ATM acquiring for Amex magnetic stripe and chip products, was launched in September 2006. OpenWay introduced new Amex functionality in WAY4 and upgraded Kazkommertsbank’s processing platform. By mid-December 2006, the bank had already been certified by Amex GNS and its customers were receiving new, quality services on POS and ATM terminals for their Amex products.

As a result, Kazkommertsbank has become the first financial institution in Kazakhstan to allow Amex cardholders to withdraw cash from its extensive network of 532 cash machines and obtain the latest high-quality Amex card services both through the ATMs and also at POS terminals.


Kazkommertsbank is one of the largest commercial banks in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and is the largest by total assets in Kazakhstan. According to data for September 30, 2013, its assets were 2,635.1 billion tenges (equal to USD 17.1 billion). The bank offers a broad range of services through its branch network in 45 cities across Kazakhstan. Kazkommertsbank also has subsidiaries in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the Russian Federation.

The bank has a reputation as the most technologically advanced bank in the country and is a leader in launching and implementing innovative solutions for products and services, especially in operational banking, the card business and remote service. Kazkommertsbank has the most functional Internet banking in Kazakhstan, including mobile banking, is the exclusive issuer of AMEX cards, and the only bank in the country to offer clients a unique loyalty programme.

The bank is currently focused on expanding cashless payments, developing contactless payment technology and mini POS. Kazkommertsbank was incorporated in 1991, initially specializing in services and financial products for large and medium corporate clients in all sectors of the Kazakh economy. In 2006, the bank launched the KAZKOM trademark for working with retail customers and small and medium-sized enterprises. Global depository receipts (GDR), the basic asset of which is the bank's shares, are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The bank completed an IPO in GDR form on the LSE in November 2006, the first CIS bank to do so, for a total amount of 845 million USD.