WAY4 Fleet Cards

Fleet Card Issuing & Acceptance Software
To Launch Or Transform Fleet Card Business


As a fuel retailer, you want the best service experience at your petrol stations for corporate drivers and individual customers alike. They deserve the latest payment innovations you can offer. But if your card system or service provider is lagging behind, you lose control over how and when you roll out new features.

To help processors of fleet cards scale and grow their business in a timely and cost-efficient way, OpenWay offers WAY4 Fleet Card Issuing & Acceptance. The solution caters to two types of clients: those entering the fleet card business and those transitioning from legacy in-house or outsourced systems.

Gain Full Control Over Your Fleet Card Business

WAY4 Fleet Card Issuing & Acceptance is an all-in-one software solution that comprises:

  • One modular platform for domestic or cross-border fleet card business: issuing, acquiring, transaction switching, authorization, invoicing, settlement, reporting, and digital channels. Card issuers can digitalize their customer experience by offering mobile wallets. Acquirers can process transactions and monitor fraud by just simply adding a new module on WAY4.  

  • Issuing and acceptance of various payment tools: fleet, bank, loyalty, co-branded and multi-branded cards and wallets, both open loop and private label. For example, a fleet company could expand by offering Visa and Mastercard card issuing and acquiring. Or a bank card issuer could start issuing fleet cards for a petrol station network.  

  • Control over fleet card product development and service: Companies can set up new card products and transaction rules without system customization and OpenWay’s involvement. The WAY4 platform ensures 24/7/365 service availability.

  • Embedded value-added services for drivers based on basket data analysis, loyalty programs, tokenization, and mobile payments, wallets and other alternative payment methods.This allows you to offer promotions and make personalized offers based on what your customers buy.

  • Real-time payments and services: The architecture of the platform was designed to support online services. For example, WAY4 provides real-time account updates for fleet managers and drivers through web and mobile portals. It integrates with the crucial business applications of fleet payment processors such as CRM and ERP via APIs.


Adaptive pricing and expense control
on 8 000 gas stations in Eastern Europe

LUKOIL-intercard uses WAY4 to analyse every driver’s purchase and apply dynamic pricing, per-product purchase limits and loyalty programs in real time.

WAY4 Fleet Card Issuing & Acceptance at a Glance


  • IFSF

  • PA-DSS

  • SEPA

  • PSD2

  • GDPR

  • Shariah

  • International payment schemes

  • Domestic schemes


  • Digital on-boarding

  • Card issuing & personalization

  • Tariff management

  • Transaction switching

  • POS management

  • Real-time fraud prevention

  • Accounting

  • BI and reporting

API Integration

  • ERP

  • CRM

  • BI

  • Web portal

Delivery Model

  • On-premise

  • Cloud

Any Payment Instrument

  • Credit

  • Debit

  • Corporate

  • Loyalty

  • Co-branded

  • Prepaid, Gift

  • Virtual

  • Instalments

  • Token

  • e-Money

Value-Added Services

  • Wallets

  • Loyalty programs

  • QR payments

  • NFC payments

For Cross-Border

  • Multi-institution management

  • Multiple currencies, languages, time zones


  • Online 24/7/365

  • 3,200 transitions per second in live

  • High availability

  • Scalability: S to XXL