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Wilfred Waiganjo

Regional Sales Manager, Africa


I am a payment technology enthusiast with over 9 years’ experience in designing, implementing and managing payment solutions for different payment institutions. I am currently the Regional Manager – Africa at Openway Group. My role is to drive financial inclusion in Africa by providing reliable and efficient technology solutions to financial institutions. My drive is to see payments across Africa grow to full cashless payment ecosystem.


In which professional and non-professional areas you feel confident as an expert?

My professional expertize would be in solution analysis and design. I am sure of my ability to listen / study customer needs and be able to map them to business / technical solutions and be a bridge with development / delivery team to provide a solution that meets customer needs.

Non-profession I can organize events or forums through which people can discuss and interact at different levels.

What do you feel about the disruptions in the payment industry? What recent event / innovation inspired or frightened you?

Payment industry have evolved a lot over the last 10 years. From a point where the number of cards in my region were very few and were only used to withdraw cash from ATMs to where card and mobile payments are fully accepted as a means of payment in many shops (physical and online). Mpesa in Kenya completely changed the payment ecosystem. More disruptions expected as new realities hit the industry such as regional and domestic consolidation through payment switches and settlement and regulations such as PSD2 in Europe.  New technologies such as blockchain might bring with it new payment methods and completely change the payment realities.