Digital Wallet Platform: Decisions Before Tender/RFP.


Banks, processors, PSPs and retailers can profit more from those wallet innovations that match their specific customer segment or geographic region. If you serve tech-savvy audience, how to keep them engaged and increase their spending amount and service usage frequency? If you target the unbanked and financially underserved, what kind of payments and transfers can overcome the lack of infrastructure? Multiple wallet strategies were discussed by OpenWay and Ovum experts:

  • Serge Robyns, Head of Presales at OpenWay.
    Serge has handled diverse projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East: from helping big processors with digital transformation to building infrastructure from scratch for a start-up PSP.
      Prior to OpenWay, he worked for MasterCard Europe, Belgian Post Group, Kredietbank (now KBC) and other payment industry players. As a consultant at BMC, he also contributed to the projects of Nokia Finland and ForeningsSparBanken Sweden.

  • Kieran Hines, Head of Industries at Ovum.
    Kieran is providing research to support clients across a range of sectors including financial services, retail, government, education, healthcare and utilities.

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