Wallet Platform: Decisions Before Tender/RFP

Pre-recorded webinar

How to Make Knowledgeable, Long-Term Profitable Decisions About Wallet Projects?

Does it bother you how quickly user expectations grow towards mobile wallets and how little banks, processors, or PSPs can do to meet them? A typical financial app relies on a tangled labyrinth of both legacy and new systems. Most financial institutions are unable to integrate them into a smooth omni-channel customer journey. Disappointingly, after a costly and lengthy launch, many projects remain stuck with the same functionality.

During this webinar, our payment experts discuss which wallet innovations are relevant for which market. If your users are tech-savvy, how can you encourage them to spend more and use your services more often? If you serve unbanked and financially underserved customers, what kind of payments and transfers can overcome the lack of infrastructure? 

Besides a successful launch, companies count on the dynamic and cost-efficient expansion of their digital wallet projects. Sometimes it requires switching to a new business model or combining several existing ones. That is why payment analysts, like Ovum with its recent research on wallets, are prioritizing platform flexibility. Together we will explore what that flexibility involves and which technical requirements you should be looking for. 


Why us

OpenWay's insight comes from working for 130 banks, payment processors, national switches, telecom, fleet and transport companies in EMEA, Asia and Americas. One of our clients serves over 16 bank wallets on the same WAY4 platform, another works through 500,000 mobile agents, and another one processes 2,8M m-commerce transactions per day.

Ovum is a market-leading data, research and consulting business focused on helping digital service providers and their technology partners thrive in the connected digital economy. Ovum’s unique combination of authoritative data, market analysis and vertical industry expertise is designed to empower your decision making, helping you profit from new technologies and capitalize on evolving business models.

Our Speakers


Serge Robyns, Head of Presales at OpenWay

Serge has handled diverse projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East: from helping big processors with digital transformation to building infrastructure from scratch for a start-up PSP. Prior to OpenWay, he worked for MasterCard Europe, Belgian Post Group, Kredietbank (now KBC) and other payment industry players. As a consultant at BMC, he also contributed to the projects of Nokia Finland and ForeningsSparBanken Sweden


Kieran Hines, Head of Industries at Ovum

Kieran specializes in retail banking, primarily digital channels, and regularly produces research and advises customers on the issues driving change in this sector. He also examines the payments area, with a special emphasis on digital commerce and merchant payment strategy. He leads research into payments technology, strategy and infrastructure.

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