WAY4 Wallets

WAY4 is a top-ranked white-label software solution for digital wallets. Combine in-store, in-app and e-commerce payments for exciting personalised customer journey.

WAY4 is a top-ranked white-label software solution for digital wallets. Combine in-store, in-app and e-commerce payments for exciting personalised customer journey.

The Best Payment Experience

Does it bother you how quickly user expectations grow for mobile wallets and how little a bank can do in response?

It is tough to keep tech-savvy bank customers engaged, and to increase how much and how often they spend with you. It is no less challenging to reach the unbanked and financially underserved with payments and transfers, sometimes in spite of the infrastructure.

To address these issues and give our customers a competitive advantage in both mature and emerging markets, we created WAY4 Wallets.

Bring your customers the best in m-commerce, e-commerce and in-store mobile payments.

Make their checkouts convenient with QR, NFC, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay, tokenization, mobile coupons, restaurant bill splitting…the list goes on. Reward them with family wallet programs and geo-targeted offers. Entertain them with chatbot banking and gamified personal finance advice.

WAY4 Wallets is a single platform to support all kinds of business models – curious to see the complete list?

The Highest Ranking

Ovum Decision Matrix report analysed key vendors in the mobile wallet space. They typically had high functionality, strong integration and configuration capabilities, major deployments in various geographies and significant market impact. OpenWay was recognized a “Market leader”.

Ovum analysts conclude that “focus on innovation and flexibility will be critical to long-term success in the market.”

Every Step of Customer Journey

WAY4 Wallets is the customer-centric online software system for omni-channel QR, NFC and in-app payments and over 45 value-added services. Just scroll down and count them for yourself! It orchestrates various payment services, instruments and channels, and supports every step of the customer journey: from quick user enrolment to ongoing engagement with payment and non-payment services.

WAY4 wallet makes your system smart. It is able to distinguish coffee take-outs from petrol fill-ups, and today's buyer from yesterday's. It rewards loyal customers on-the-fly. It stores and analyzes clients' personal data and transaction history to generate targeted offers in real-time and even price dynamically based on customer behavior. 

What else is special about the WAY4 Wallets platform? Its multi-layer architecture allows you to customize the product.

The platform comprises three major levels:

  1. Product and service management, automated workflows, online accounting and reconciliation, fraud prevention

  2. Transaction management and API

  3. SDK or ready-to-use UX and apps

Some of our clients serve over 16 different wallets on the same WAY4 platform or work with 500,000 mobile agents and process 2,8 million m-commerce transactions per day.

Wallets for Tech-savvy and Unbanked


ACB Bank targets new tech-savvy and unbanked clients with all-in-one wallet on WAY4


Eurasian Bank, Mastercard and OpenWay launch Eurasian Pay digital wallet


AzeriCard processing company goes digital and serves WAY4 Wallets innovations to 16 banks


AIS optimizes costs with agent banking top-up and m-commerce on WAY4


WAY4 Digital Wallets: NFC and QR Implementations for M-Commerce

WAY4 Wallets at a Glance

Wallet models

  • Financial inclusion wallets

  • Bank wallets

  • Agency banking

  • Merchant wallets

  • Wallets for telcos

  • Wallets for fleet companies

  • Wallets for e-money institutions

  • Transport wallets

  • Multi-bank wallet hubs for payment processing companies

  • B2C, B2B, B2G, C2G and other wallets


  • Fast on-boarding by phone number or e-mail

  • On-the-fly card validation

  • Biometrics

  • KYC online integration

  • Instant account creation

Payments & Transfers

  • Bills (online, scheduled, recurring)

  • Bill presentment, payment requests

  • Direct debit, standing orders, invoices

  • Bill splitting

  • Cash-in

  • Mobile cash-out (QR, cash-by-code)

  • In-store & P2P QR payments: Mastercard QR, mVisa, UnionPay QR, Alipay QR, closed-loop QR payments

  • NFC: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and HCE (Host Card Emulation)

  • Online fund transfers

  • Tips

  • Closed-loop

  • Cross-border

  • SEPA Instant Payments

  • PSD2 payments (PISP)

  • And many more


  • Wallet account

  • Cards enrolment

  • Accounts enrolment

  • Card issuing

  • Account opening

  • Deposit service

  • Credit line

  • Instalments

  • Microfinance



  • Coupons

  • Bonus points

  • Discounts

  • Merchant clubs


  • POS, mPOS

  • In-app

  • e-Commerce (incl. 3-D Secure 2.X)

  • Omni-channel

  • Chat bot

  • P2P & P2B

  • USSD and SMS

  • API


  • Online account management and risk management back-office

  • Real-time reconciliation and accounting

  • UX and API

  • PA-DSS compliance

  • White-label solution

  • In-house or cloud implementation


  • Tier-1 & SME

  • Merchant wallet

  • Merchant portal

  • API

Mobile Marketplace

  • Ticketing

  • Accommodation booking

  • Financial services

  • E-commerce

  • M-commerce

Social Networks

  • P2P, P2B

  • Donation

  • Community purchases

  • Money requests

  • Lucky money

  • 3rd party services


  • Gamified elements in UX

  • Personal Financial Management


  • Personal data analysis

  • Segmentation

  • Payment history analysis

  • Level-3 data analysis


  • Unique personalized UX for wallet users

  • Merchant UX

  • Web-based workbenches

Payment schemes

  • Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay

  • AliPay and other alternative payment methods

  • Local

  • Private-label closed-loop


  • PA-DSS

  • SEPA, PSD2

  • GDPR

For processing companies

  • Application management

  • Financial institution management

  • Restricted access to the database

  • Smart database access rules, flexible configuration of user privileges and restrictions

High Performance

  • WAY4 has proven to support over 2,400 tps and over 150,000,000 online accounts but it is also efficient for small volumes.