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PSD2-compliant software system for open banking monetization

PSD2 - It's Time To Act Now!

Time of uncertainty around PSD2 has passed, and now when the market accepted the idea of open banking and payment decentralization, the time to take practical steps towards adopting and adapting is now.

  • Make your client accounts available for PSD2-based payments
  • Expose 3rd party accounts to your clients for balance check and payments
  • Initiate payments with virtually any financial institution in EU

OpenWay team can help you comply with evolving regulations and leverage the WAY4 PSD2 Hub solution to use first mover advantage and offer PSD2-based services. WAY4 enables you to play roles of PISP, AISP, PIISP, and ASPSP defined by the new regulation.

What we offer is a unified PSD2 hub system for instant payments, e-commerce gateway, digital banking and wallets, online card and account management. 

Four Ways To Monetize PSD2 

If you're ASPSP, open up!

OpenWay will help you monetize your customer base with open banking APIs for account data access, payments and value-added services. With WAY4 PSD2 Hub you will adapt your IT infrastructure to instant payments at minimum time & costs, the solution smoothly connects internal banking systems with the external world, providing a quick response time and high availability.

To win the game it the open banking are, your card or account must become 'default' even in the 3rd party services. On WAY4 Payments, ASPSP can support different authentication methods to make payments from their accounts secure and invisible. 

what you get with way4 payments:

  • PSD2-compliant payment processing workflow as part of the ASPSP function
  • Stand-in processing for PSD2-related payments against core banking / debit accounts
  • Strong customer authentication
  • Transaction risk analysis
  • GDPR-compliant personal data management
  • Integration with your preferred API management systems (developer portal, sandbox, security)  

Become AISP or PIISP

AIPS. The AISP role allows you to generate revenue on accounts data aggregation and customer profiling. WAY4 Digital Wallet is an all-in-one wallet platform for an improved in-store, e-commerce and mobile shopping experience. You can link different customers accounts to your mobile app and create your service on top of them - e.g. analytics, instalments, loyalty.  

PIISP. As PIISP you can issue any payment instruments for your customers on WAY4 and offer value-added services. Our solution is a unified platform for digital wallet, online payment processing and online back office (including customer on-boarding, product setup, account management, loyalty programs, and more).     

What you get on WAY4 Wallet:

  • White-label digital wallet platform
  • Strong customer authentication
  • Instant payments & transfers from payment instrument of multiple issuers
  • Personal finance management
  • GDPR-compliant personal data management
  • Full-fledged back office management

WAY4 PSD2 in action on the WAY4 platform? Check out the video

Become PISP, or Launch digital network for PISPs

To become a PISP of the first choice for merchants, your gateway should offer acceptance of all popular payment methods, be cheap and never fail. From technology perspective, it means the highly available and scalable solution with reasonable TCO, flexible to connect with different payment systems - this is what WAY4 Payments about.  

What you get on way4 payments:

  • Cards & Alternative Payment Methods
  • PSD2 compliant payment processing
  • 3-D Secure
  • Advanced Risk Monitoring


Nets and OpenWay Collaborate on Open Banking

Solution for payment players adopting PSD2 as a step towards Open Banking services & revenue streams

WAY4 PSD2 Hub at a Glance


  • Core banking
  • Card management
  • Risk monitoring
  • Channel
  • Gateways
  • AML
  • CRM
  • BI systems


  • Cards
  • Payments from accounts
  • Alternative payment methods


  • Mobile push
  • Biometrics
  • Mastercard Idenitity Check
  • Google Authenticator, etc.


  • PSD2 workflow
  • GDPR support
  • SEPA
  • Berlin Group


  • Instant payments
  • Online 24/7/365
  • Stand-in
  • Smart routing
  • Parallel request processing


  • Strong customer authentication
  • Risk-based authentication
  • Transaction risk analysis 
  • 3-D Secure 2.0

digital wallet

  • Friendly UX, UI
  • Tokenization
  • Loyalty & Bonus clubs
  • Contactless & QR