WAY4 Channels

White-label omni-channel digital banking software system to predict, simplify and monetise customer's daily financial decisions

Looking for Digital Banking Transformation?

  • Omni-channel digital banking

  • Branchless or agency banking

  • Social media banking

  • Personalized customer service beyond tiers and segmentation

  • Mobile interfaces, channels and scenarios expected by the new generation

  • Digital customer journey – including online customer on-boarding, online account opening and card generation, online loyalty and coupons, instant payments and transfers, personal finance assistance, and more

  • Personalized offers and interactive banners – based on data insight and customer profiling

  • Configurable automated workflows

  • Instant B2B and B2C payments and transfers, and many more


Uralsib launches digital banking in cloud on WAY4

A new cloud-based solution will help its partner banks to launch their digital banking systems.

All-in-One Flexible Solution

  • Omni-channel lifestyle banking software platform

  • White-label solution

  • On-premise or cloud implementation

  • Comprehensive support from the vendor: joint business analysis, clear and concise requirements, customization, training before, during and after launch

  • Agile development and continuous delivery, on-site and remote support

  • Rich functional coverage – from balance and operations history to loyalty, microloans and PFM


Why WAY4 Channels?

  • Omni-channel: mobile, PC, chat bot, wearables, API, agent banking

  • Variety of services: payments and transfers, loyalty, aggregated customer profiles across all channels, utility services, bill presentment, online deposit opening, informational services, sales and cross-sales, personalized interactive banners, bill splitting, online card issuance, online applications, management of limits, currency exchange, personal targets, geo-services, gamification, etc.

  • All kinds of payment instruments (accounts, cards, e-money and wallet accounts) and payment interfaces (in-app, QR, NFC, SMS, API)

  • Multiple e-wallet features – enrolment of cards and accounts of other banks, tokenization and contactless payments

  • Rule-driven automated workflows: application processing, risk management, disputes, customer segmentation and more

  • Numerous methods of customer authentication and payment confirmation

  • Personal finance assistant, transaction and customer analysis for proactive personalized service

  • Highest security standards and PA-DSS compliance

  • Simple, convenient and configurable UI and scenarios

  • Online integration with any core banking, CMS and other systems

  • 99.995% availability and high performance


Chatbot Messenger Banking?

According to Statista.com, over 75% of internet users worldwide accessed messaging services on mobile devices. Banks can use WAY4 Messenger Banking to create a chat bot for Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, Viber and Line messenger platforms, and link those with any core banking and card processing system on the back-end. The chat bot  communicates with users and provides the information about bank’s services. In response to customer requests it can manage cards and accounts, adjust security settings and make payments to the customer’s friends and contacts.  


WAY4 Channels at a Glance

  • Omni-channel

  • API / Open Banking

  • e-Commerce / Mobile / Web

  • Wearables / Social / IoT

  • Messengers / Chatbots

  • ATM

  • EFTPOS / mPOS / Smart POS

  • SMS / USSD

  • API / UI