VDEP Token Activation via Call Center

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

Visa cardholders can now enable mobile payments for their cards through the issuer’s call center. When the customer calls, the support officer uses a dedicated WAY4 screen to initiate VDEP token activation right away. WAY4 sends the online request to Visa Token Service (VTS) and receives the VTS reply about the token activation status. In case of success, the card will be available for mobile payments instantly.     

Apple Pay Reports

<A new set of product options, separately licensed>

If you launch the Apple Pay service on WAY4, our new feature can help you comply with Apple’s latest mandates and save your time on manual report preparations. 

You can configure WAY4 to collect data about Apple Pay tokens, devices and transactions (including transaction amount, type, currency, MCC code, etc.) Using this data, the client can generate the mandatory Apple Pay statistical reports. Issuers are supposed to provide these reports to Apple Inc. on a monthly basis.

The support of Google Pay reports is coming soon.