fraud prevention

BIN Attack Fraud Prevention

<Enhancements to the existing product>

We introduced a new risk rule in WAY4. Use it to define how many cards issued by you can be used at the same POS terminal over a short time interval. When this limit is exceeded, it may be an indication of BIN attack fraud. Now WAY4 can identify this suspicious situation, block operations for all cards with the related BIN, and notify your staff.

BIN attack fraud may happen on the theft of a pool of cards not yet delivered to the customers.

Fraud Prevention Platform

<Product under development>

We are developing a new-generation stand-alone fraud prevention platform. It’s designed for issuers and acquirers who use WAY4 or 3rd party CMS, core banking, or e-commerce gateway.

The solution will support rule-based transaction scoring with minimum impact on the processing system and provide a user-friendly interface. To make a decision, it can use data from internal and external databases.