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NFC Capabilities for Mobile Authentication

<Product feature in roadmap> 

We are willing to provide cardholders with one more way to quickly and conveniently authenticate themselves for online payments and banking operations. Now they can simply tap a card to their smartphone. 

This feature will be a part of WAY4 Mobile Authentication Application. Issuers use this solution to comply with 3DS requirements for strong customer authentication. In addition to fingerprint scanning, face and voice recognition, OTP and passcodes, this mobile application will support the NFC-based authentication method.  

We suggest the two main use cases for NFC-based authentication: 

  • Card-presence confirmation for e-commerce 

    Issuers may want to “double” security for certain e-commerce operations – e.g. very expensive purchases. NFC can serve as the second step in mobile authentication. The transaction stops being “card-not-present” and becomes even less risky. 

    During checkout the buyer receives a mobile push notification, opens WAY4 app and follows the instructions. Biometric recognition or OTP/ passcode entry go first. Tapping the card to the smartphone completes authentication. The user sees confirmation on the phone screen and on the checkout page. 

  • Enrollment of cards in the app

    To start using the mobile authentication app for online shopping, users should first enroll their card in their app. Issuers can now use an NFC tap and a special e-commerce PIN for Strong Customer Authentication.

    The NFC tap is used to transfer card details to the app. Alternatively, users can fill in the details manually.

    After that, users enter an e-commerce PIN to complete the enrollment process. An e-commerce PIN is a static security value which issuers can configure in a card's chip when it is issued on WAY4. Cardholders can receive this PIN from their issuer in the same secure way as a normal PIN. 

    The e-commerce PIN can also serve as a mobile authentication method, along with biometrics, OTP, passcodes and NFC.

    Companies can use NFC to authenticate customers and enroll their cards in any mobile application (e.g. banking apps).

To learn more about the WAY4 Mobile Authentication app, please read this piece of news, consult your BRM or request the brochure on our website.

SEPA Instant Payments Platform


<Product under development>

We are developing the WAY4 SEPA Instant Credit Transfer solution. It addresses the need of our customers in Europe to process the real-time SEPA payments via the major European clearing and settlement schemes mechanisms.

In parallel, OpenWay is working up a concept for a more universal platform for instant payments between bank accounts, including payments initiated online via authorized third parties. It would adapt to payment regulations of various world regions and support multiple use cases. We are ready to finalize the new platform in accordance with your specific requirements and launch it into production together.

Account Updater Service

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

The Visa Account Updater (VAU) and Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (MABU) services help merchants to process account-on-file transactions and recurring payments on renewed or replaced cards without interruption, and to get earlier notifications concerning the card closures. Now our system supports this feature for both issuers and acquirers.

After issuing, reissuing or closing a card, WAY4 generates VAU/MABU files. They are sent to the IPS network for the benefit of other scheme members.