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Mastercard Dispute Management Compliance

From July 2019, MasterCom Claim Manager (MCCM), a new dispute resolution platform from Mastercard, will be the only way to manage Mastercard disputes. WAY4 is now fully integrated with MCCM. 

WAY4 can process claims automatically, via the new online interface to MCCM (called Mastercom API). Alternatively, your dispute officers can manually enter the dispute data on the portal. We have added this functionality for both issuers and acquirers.

These new requirements are similar to those introduced by Visa a year ago, with its VROL platform. WAY4 is also compatible with VROL.

Mastercard Dispute Notifications Loading

<Enhancements to the existing product>

To ensure correct accounting, WAY4 now receives Mastercard notifications about manually created dispute events in MCCM.

How it works

After your dispute officer creates a new document on the MCCM web-portal, Mastercard sends a related notification (so called “TQR4 report”) to your processing system. WAY4 receives this notification among other clearing files and creates a corresponding financial document in the card database to ensure correct accounting.    

The WAY4 system can process the notifications about the following dispute events: 

  • Retrieval Requests 

  • Retrieval Request Fulfillments 

  • First Chargebacks 

  • Second Presentments 

  • Arbitration Chargebacks 

  • Fee Collections 

MasterCom API

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

We have supported MasterCom API, an online Mastercard interface, to reduce the need for manual dispute processing. The WAY4 Dispute Assistant module can now interact directly with MCCM, and data exchange happens with minimum latency. WAY4 aggregates dispute information and presents it to your staff in real-time. 

With the MasterCom API, issuers automate most of the dispute stages, namely creating claims and upload related documents, raising Retrieval Requests, First Chargebacks and Arbitration Chargebacks, and submitting Case Filings. In the same way, acquirers can automatically send Fulfillment and Second Presentments, submit Case Filing and upload relevant documents.  

Dispute Assistant Q3 2018 Update

<Enhancements to the existing product>

  • “Maker-checker” option for dispute documents creation 

Now WAY4 can check if a user has privileges to create dispute documents for transactions of a certain amount. If not, the user can only prepare a document which should be accepted by a supervisor. This “maker-checker” approach is useful when your dispute management employees differ in responsibilities. 

  • Group activities for dispute cases

This feature speeds up dispute management workflows. Now an officer can perform an activity simultaneously on multiple dispute cases, even those belonging to different financial cases. For example, issuers after a proper analysis would create chargebacks for all transactions made with a stolen card.Acquirers would create representments for all the chargebacks received by a particular merchant in a given time period.

Dispute Management Q1 2018 Update

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

Visa Real-Time System Interface, previously available for WAY4 acquirers, now works for WAY4 issuers too. Using RTSI, our system can connect to Visa Resolve Online (VROL) automatically and exchange inward and outward questionnaires, explanations and so on. This interface serves to minimize the need of manual queries to VROL and is fully compatible with new Visa VCR rules.