Merchant Wallet

<A new set of products, separately licensed>

WAY4 Merchant Wallet serves to decrease the cost of digital payment acceptance for sellers, especially SMEs. Now merchants have their own wallet app to  do the following:

  • Generate a QR-code for a particular purchase and accept mVisa payments from customers

  • See the history of their wallet transactions 

  • Receive real-time notifications about the transaction status (SMS, push)

  • Reverse transactions

Soon we will expand the functionally of Merchant Wallet by adding the Alipay acceptance. 

Alipay on WAY4


<New product options, separately licensed>

OpenWay has integrated WAY4 Acquiring with the Alipay system to support “Transaction QR Code Payments”, so you can start processing Alipay transactions for your merchants.

Alipay is the top-choice of payment method for Chinese tourists. Forbes estimates that “192 million Chinese tourists will travel abroad annually by 2021, spending $457 billion in overseas markets.”

When it’s time for the customer to pay in a retail store, WAY4 can request the order-specific QR code from Alipay and display it on the POS terminal. Buyers use their Alipay mobile app to scan the code and confirm the purchase. WAY4 notifies the merchant on the transaction status.

As the acquirer, you can manage payment authorization, transaction cancelling and refunds related to Alipay transactions. This new functionality is available for our customers running POS acquiring business entirely on WAY4, and for their partners and ISOs whose POS terminals connect to WAY4 via host-to-host interface.

Per our customers’ request, we are ready to expand WAY4’s integration with Alipay and support more payment methods – “Merchant QR Code Payment”, “Barcode payment”, e-commerce and in-app mobile payments.