Visa Interface

Visa Credit Voucher and Merchandise Return Authorization

<Enhancements to the existing product>

We’ve implemented Visa Credit Voucher and Merchandise Return Authorization message flows. This functionality was mandatory for Visa issuers from April 2018.

Now WAY4 can get acquirers’ information about purchase returns and update cardholder statements in real time. The card’s available credit balance will be increased immediately, unless the issuer has configured a waiting period.

This feature improves the cardholder experience. Furthermore, for issuers and merchants, it means less chargebacks and less customer inquiries about outdated balances.

Account Updater Service

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

The Visa Account Updater (VAU) and Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (MABU) services help merchants to process account-on-file transactions and recurring payments on renewed or replaced cards without interruption, and to get earlier notifications concerning the card closures. Now our system supports this feature for both issuers and acquirers.

After issuing, reissuing or closing a card, WAY4 generates VAU/MABU files. They are sent to the IPS network for the benefit of other scheme members.