Consumer Wallet Q3 2019 Update

New Apps for Micro-Merchants

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

Now off-the-shelf WAY4 mobile wallet applications can be used on both sides of a retail transaction – not just by consumers, but also by street sellers and micro-merchants. The new functionality includes:

  • Merchant onboarding (registration)

  • Instant creation of merchant profiles and business accounts in the solution back end

  • QR code payment acceptance, including generation of dynamic QR codes 

  • Refund initiation by merchant 

  • Notifications on payment and refund status

  • Advertising and other information services for merchants

  • Option to transfer the wallet balance to a predefined account at merchant-defined intervals

Merchant onboarding: register as a micro-merchant in 3 clicks

One-click refund

Easy QR-code generation for payment acceptance