Rainbow Digital Banking Q3 2018 Update

Improvements in Mobile Contactless Payment Interfaces

<Enhancements to the existing product>

We’ve enhanced the user interface of HCE-based contactless payments. This is a part of our mobile banking app.The added features include:

  • New labels, icons, card design and other elements to comply with IPS requirements

  • Root check with the option to disable HCE for increased security

  • Support of push-notifications on card blocking, security alerts, and other events 

  • Improved interface for payments in offline mode

  • The option to display an actual picture of the customer’s card

  • Step-by-step HCE payment tutorial 

  • And other features that improve usability and overall customer experience

Apple Pay In-app Provisioning

<A new set of product options, separately licensed>

Now WAY4 supports the complete customer engagement cycle for Apple Pay. Without leaving our mobile banking app end-users can see promotion screens, add cards to Apple Pay Wallet and receive confirmation messages. 

For each card in the user’s list, we have added a colorful icon. It indicates whether the card is linked to Apple Pay Wallet or not.

In-app tutorial

<A new set of product options, separately licensed>

Now your clients can watch tutorials encouraging them to try new functionality. Whenusers open the mobile banking app or certain menu item, they would see a sequence of promo screens. It serves toexplain complex features step-by-step or highlight special offers.

This WAY4 release includes explanation screens for HCE contactless payments. Our team can create more tutorials per request.  

You can also produce new tutorials in-house.