Merchant Portal & Merchant Service Workbench Q1 2018 Update

<Enhancements to the existing product>

WAY4 Merchant Portal & WAY4 Merchant Service Workbench now include several enhancements:

  • When merchants request the transaction history, WAY4 can shorten the timeframe of the search results which helps increase system stability. The acquirer simply pre-defines the maximum number of days to display. This limit will overrule users’ requested intervals. If the transaction list was truncated, WAY4 shows a pop-up message. The merchant can then see the maximum number of days possible and corrects search requests accordingly.

  • If merchants edit their previous message(s) to the acquirer, acquirer users can see the message change log.

  • Now the “Maker-Checker” approach applies by default to your staff managing merchant accounts. If an acquirer user initiates “Credit Account", "Debit Account" and “Change Fee”, WAY4 won’t post the created documents until the supervisor approves the actions.

  • Also, the system checks user privileges before editing transactions and initiating reimbursements for the chosen merchant. If the action is forbidden for this workbench user, WAY4 displays a message about insufficient rights. This feature is especially convenient for a processor that has larger teams – with different users responsible for their own respective customers.