Intelligent Card Hierarchy Changeover

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

Now corporate card operators can cut costs by reusing plastic cards that have already been issued and used. WAY4 allows you to reassign such cards to another corporate customer. This saves time on logistics as well as costs on the production of contactless chip cards.

This feature is useful in the following scenarios:

  • If your contract with a company has expired, their cards can be reused by your other customer(s).

  • If your customer’s company has undergone organizational changes de jure, but remains the same de facto company, they can continue using the same cards.

  • The cards can be moved between different companies if they are members of one corporate group and have independent contracts with the fleet cards operator.

Also, companies can dynamically move the same card between several parent contracts – several times a day if needed. It proves handy for fleet companies when, for example, drivers cross regional borders within the same accounting period, and another company of the group takes on a liability for the fleet card. To manage these “migrating” cards and create accounting reports, the fleet cards operator can process and filter transactions based on the place and time of the transaction.