Datamart Q1 2018 Update

<Enhancements to the existing product>

General enhancements

  • We have introduced a new approach for flexible data loading. Now all data tables are grouped in semantical data sets or ‘modules’. Examples of such modules are “Instalments”, “Dispute cycles”, “All issuing operations”, and “Authorizations”. Our new interface lets you easily enable or disable standard module loads. You can also register custom modules and include them in a standard load procedure. Soon users will be able to set the desired frequency and priority of data load.

  • Now WAY4 Housekeeping can merge and compress old partitions and store old unchanged data in a more compact way. It serves to free Datamart server space.

What’s new for issuers?

  • Now issuers can load dispute data – reason code, result code, activity date and other chargeback-related information – from WAY4 Case Management into WAY4 Datamart.

What’s new for acquirers?

  • Now the special Interchange Fee Reconciliation mart shows information from IPS Reconciliation report provided by Visa and Mastercard. If you use the WAY4 Fee Prediction solution, you can also load and compare the predicted and actual fee values.

  • A new table describes the hierarchy of acquiring contracts. Therefore, contracts have got a new classifier to mark their position within hierarchy. It gives you more flexibility in data analysis. For example, a merchant statement can show which parental contracts this one resides under – going as many levels up as you need. Or you can generate settlement reports that cover only merchants of the selected ISO or Payment Facilitator.