Datamart Q3 2019 Update

<Enhancements to the existing product>

Personal Data Obfuscation

WAY4 Datamart is now GDPR-compliant with GDPR requirements. Its new Personal Data Cleanup facility can irrevocably obfuscate personal customer data in historic records upon receiving a request from the WAY4 primary database. Those who activate this module can select which tables and columns to clean up. 

The procedure does not delete customer data, but obfuscates it instead, keeping all referential integrity and GL balance intact.

Interchange Messages Loading

Now WAY4 Datamart can load and store messages contained in Visa and Mastercard interchange files, such as messages taken from clearing files. This information is downloaded by clearing interfaces to the payment system provided by WAY4. 

ATM Cycle Reports

ATM acquirers can now load information about ATM cycles into WAY4 Datamart using our newly introduced enhancements: 

  • Device and Cassette Cycle Information handles the financial cycle data for ATMs and cassettes. The loaded data is split by banknote denominations and by cycle types (cash-in vs. cash-out).

  • Device Dispense Information stores information about the banknote flow and change of cassette counters in the ATM. The loaded data shows denomination of the banknotes cashed in and cashed out within a particular transaction, banknotes that were declined by the ATM or jammed in the dispenser.

  • Device Messages covers all technical messages that the system generates when the ATM is active.

Marts on Tokenized Transactions

<New option, separately licensed>

For Apple Pay, Google Pay and other third-party wallet transactions, card token details can be stored in WAY4. There are new marts for historic data: token numbers and types, associated tokenized transactions, and token lifecycle requests. 

In upcoming releases, WAY4 Datamart will support creation of mandatory Apple Pay and Google Pay reports.