IPS Release Setup Automation

<Enhancements to the existing product>

Now WAY4 can apply the mandatory IPS updates onto itself in background mode, at the date and time that you set in advance. You just need to pre-arrange the necessary data and configurations for the IPS-related changes in the WAY4 database while preparing a new WAY4 release. Your staff does not have to manually restart online services on the Transaction Switch and VISA, Mastercard clearing interfaces on a release effective date. A new database table will keep everything ready for the deferred activation.

WAY4 major releases are issued twice a year, and each complies with the requirements of the forthcoming IPS release. We supply the WAY4 configuration documents at least one month before the requirements come into force. Also, we offer the WAY4 Release Management Services to clients who need to optimize their resources related to IPS updates and other system upgrades. Read about this service on our website.