Arbitrary Grouping of Contracts

<Enhancements to the existing product> 

<Configuration requires a separate service agreement>

Now any WAY4 contracts can be grouped and assigned special tariffs or limits all at once, even contracts from different hierarchies. Typically, this feature would be useful for:


  • applying a discounted merchant service charge (MSC) to different merchants located in the same geographical area 

  • grouping all POS terminals served by the same service company, assuming MSC depends on this company’s fees

Fleet card processors

  • grouping drivers and gas stations to allow fuel purchasing only at the stations along the driver’s work route 

  • offering fuel discounts at selected stations with lower car traffic 


  • testing new marketing campaigns on target cardholder segments, e.g. offering higher cashback to VIP customers of a particular branch

  • applying transaction limits to groups of corporate cardholders