Acquirer Merchant Master File (AMMF) Exchange Support

<New set of product options, separately licensed>

Visa has obliged acquirers to report extended merchant data with help of AMMF – Acquirer Merchant Master File. WAY4 automates file generation according to Visa requirements. This new functionality saves customers time spent on manual data entry and helps avoid mistakes. 

If a new merchant contract appears in WAY4 or existing merchant details change, it will be reflected in the new AMMF. Acquirers themselves configure the frequency of file generation in our system, download the result and send it to the IPS.     

With a comprehensive view of merchant identity, Visa plans to improve analytical services for acquirers, and will enhance the authorization and dispute resolution processes.

The AMMF file contains data in a global, standardized, and flexible format. It includes the merchant identifier, legal address, MCC code and other data.