WAY4 Card Issuing

Top-ranked CMS

Choosing a new card management system to improve customer-centricity and incremental revenues? Check the list below to ensure your new cards engine is future-proofed.   

For business

  • Launch various business models on the same platform: credit, debit and prepaid cards, fleet projects, virtual cards and loyalty, wallets and tokenization, corporate and family schemes, and many more

  • Provide the best possible experience for your cardholders, partners and internal users by delivering personalized services – and exactly when and where they need them

  • Create new and innovative card products with an exceptional time-to-market and the best functional coverage

  • Reduce manual interventions and decrease administration costs by automating and streamlining processes

  • Scale quickly in terms of volumes and geographies

  • Increase profitability of traditional instruments with smart value-added services

  • Become the customer’s top card for third party services within the open banking ecosystem thanks to your rich API


  • Strike the right balance between standardization fostering best practices, configuration using flexible business rules, and an agile approach to implementing innovations

  • Rely on API and SDK for internal and external integration

  • Run your cards in the cloud or on premise to scale and expand

  • Ensure high availability with a platform capable of managing millions of cards

  • Support a seamless migration from legacy systems

WAY4 card management system is a white-label end-to-end card issuing and online account management software platform. It is a top choice for ambitious banks and processors of any scale that want to start or transform their card management business efficiently and seize open banking opportunities. 

We Have The Highest Ranking

OpenWay, the global developer and vendor of WAY4 software solutions, has been recognized as a ‘Market Leader’ by Ovum, an independent research firm, in its recent report “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Card Management System Platform, 2015–2016”.

From Startups To Tier-1 Players 

Tier-1 and ambitious startup banks, processing companies and fleet companies rely on WAY4 card management system to run successful card issuing businesses. Our system is efficient for processing both large and small volumes. 

  • 150,000,000 credit and debit cards managed on a single installation

  • 2,400 transactions per second in the live environment

  • 14% of cards in Europe are issued on WAY4

  • 40 banks run on a single installation


Best CMS in Greece

National Bank of Greece gets an award for the best card management system project in 2018


Borica: Digital Transformation on WAY4

Leading processor in Bulgaria has started the migration of its issuing and acquiring portfolio to WAY4.


Tsesnabank: Migration from SmartVista to WAY4 in 4 months

Tsesnabank invests in the future. That's why it has migrated from BPC's SmartVista to WAY4 card issuing, merchant acquiring and switching solutions from OpenWay.


Nets Migrates to WAY4 Issuing in EU

CMS migrations have completed for multiple banks in 3 countries. Nets and its migrated banks have successfully passed PCI audits on WAY4. The largest migrated customer portfolio consisted of over 1 million cards.


Fuel Card Business on WAY4

More than 3,700 LUKOIL Stations in Eastern Europe


SIX Payment Services Migrates 38 Banks in 15 Months

SIX and OpenWay are leveraging their work together to design and implement a future-proof solution to enable SIX bank customers to select their own strategy in payments.


Network Int.: Market Leadership in the Middle East

Network International leads Emirates NBD's credit card migration to WAY4.


Equity Bank: Financial Inclusion in Kenya

Equity bank runs its issuing and acquiring business on WAY4 for over 10 million clients in Eastern Africa.


B1NK: To be as simple as jeans and a smartphone

The first digital bank in Central Asia was created from scratch using WAY4.


Bank Muamalat: Indonesia Goes Chip With OpenWay

BMI, one of the leading Islamic banking providers in the country, is now fully compliant with the national NCICCS chip standard on both the issuing and acquiring side.

Make Credit Cards Profitable Again

For years credit cards remained the most profitable instrument for retail banks, but now the golden days are gone. WAY4 card management system help credit card issuers by supports their business goals: 

  • Be flexible in pricing. Change pricing dynamically for certain customer segments and under specific conditions to stimulate customer spending behavior

  • Reduce operational costs. Automate routine operations: customer on-boarding and account management, customer service, fraud prevention and dispute management, accounting and reconciliation through user-friendly interfaces.

  • Monetize customer data. Our business intelligence engine allows you to analyze the profitability of your card portfolio and store transaction data in a convenient way that can be used to create deeply personalized service offerings.


Instant mobile Instalments based on online customer data in WAY4: how it works from the customer’s perspective


Process Cards for Other Issuers

Issuer processors can run multi-tenant environments on WAY4. The single WAY4 card management system installation comprises these business features: 

  • Support of different products, services, business rules configurations for multiple independent issuers - even running in different countries and time zones

  • Secure user access and data isolation for every issuer

  • Compliance with local regulations in multiple countries

Be the Customer's "By Default" Card

Open banking and fintech API technologies can improve the payment experience and quality of financial services for your customers. But you need to ensure that:

  • Your payment processing infrastructure is ready to work with 3rd party services - in a stable, instant and secure way

  • The customer will not walk away and will continue using your card even in the 3rd party services

The WAY4 platform is the only platform with an online back office, meaning that you can instantly create products and services for your customers. With the WAY4 card management system at the core of your card business, you can participate in instant payments schemes and provide your fintech partners with online access to accounts. 

Choose a Platform For New Revenue Streams

WAY4 is an integrated platform, so you can implement both classic and innovative business models in payments. As an issuer, you can leverage multiple new opportunities with WAY4 card management system:

  • Attract new types of customers: offer mobile wallet accounts to unbanked customers, private label cards to merchants, and prepaid cards to tourists

  • Build your ecosystem: integrate easily and painlessly with 3rd party companies that enhance your customers experience (e.g. scoring, digital identity, wallets providers).

  • Increase non-credit revenues: earn on FX when issuing multi-currency cards, offer instant prepaid or virtual cards for special use (events, one-time purchase)

  • Work with merchants: organize a sales finance partnership with merchants, issue a co-branded instalment card with retailers, lead the loyalty program

Extra Mile Approach in Partnership


Proven migration experience

  • Greenfield projects completed in 3-6 months

  • Step-by-step migration for complex projects

  • Migration methodology ready: from mainframes and open legacy systems (Base24, Vision+, ElectraCard, SmartVista, etc.) to WAY4



  • Out-of-the box packaged card products for quick start

  • Quick adoption of innovations: tokenization, open banking, biometrics, digital wallets

  • Joint business analysis & pre-sales


Your committed partner

  • Business consultancy, technical support

  • Long-term partnership

  • Continuous client's business growth, some doubling their business every 5 years

  • OpenWay Club: the unique global network of payment practitioners and scientists to shape the future of the payment industry

WAY4 Cards at a Glance


  • PA-DSS

  • SEPA

  • PSD2

  • Shariah

  • American Express

  • Diners Club

  • JCB

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • UnionPay

  • Domestic schemes


  • Digital on-boarding

  • Instant issuing

  • Authentication

  • Card personalization

  • Flexible tariffs

  • Marketing campaigns

  • E-commerce 3-D Secure 2.0

  • Fraud prevention

  • Dispute management

  • Accounting

  • BI and reporting

Global and Local

  • Multiple currencies

  • Multiple countries, time zones

  • Multiple languages

  • Private label schemes

  • Domestic schemes

  • Cross-border schemes

Delivery Model

  • On-premise

  • Cloud

Any Payment Instrument

  • Credit

  • Debit

  • Prepaid, Gift

  • Corporate

  • Virtual

  • Instalments

  • Token

  • e-Money

  • Corporate

  • Fleet / fuel

  • Retailer

New Revenue

  • Multi-currency cards

  • API monetization

  • PFM

  • Data insight

  • Remittances & Payments

  • Sales finance partnership

  • Microloans

Value-Added Services

  • Wallets

  • Loyalty

  • QR payments: closed-loop, mVisa, MasterPass QR, UnionPay QR

  • NFC payments: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

For Processors

  • Multi-institution management

  • While-label card issuing, wallets


  • Online 24/7/365

  • 2,400 transitions per second in live

  • High availability

  • Scalability: S to XXL