Secure Merchant Payments

Our clients rely on Way4 to prevent fraud losses in real time for POS, mPOS, e-commerce and in-app transactions. Omni-channel acquirers get the convenience of centralized risk management. They can instantly apply the same rules across their entire network or keep them unique for each channel. Even the most sophisticated anti-fraud settings do not slow down the authorization response.

Thanks to its 24/7 online back office, Way4 detects suspicious activity in real time. It can immediately decline the payment or calculate its risk score, create a case and notify fraud management staff. Further case processing steps can be automated, including the chargeback phase.

Way4 allows acquirers to configure hundreds of risk management rules. These rules take into account the ongoing transaction, historic data for the particular merchant or terminal, card blacklists of payment schemes and many other parameters. If necessary, Way4 can be integrated with external digital identity systems via API and exchange fraud-related data in real time.

Way4 complies with the latest PA-DSS standard and security requirements of international payment schemes.