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Ruggero Maresca

Management Consulting Principal Director

Accenture Italy

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1997 at Università degli Studi of Naples Federico II. I started to work in consulting since 1997: my professional life grew up mainly supporting complex transformation / integration on major banking Italian players.

Since 2000, I had the opportunity to manage projects in post-merger, cost reduction/allocation, accounting and payments areas, Operations reorganization.

I have a solid and wide knowledge of post-merger programs for the experiences lived from different point of view (IT, Organization, Operations and PMO). So I have the role of M&A offering lead in ICEG (Italy, Greece and Central Europe).

Six years ago I specialized my interest on payments area leading an important multiyear program of SEPA IT re-platforming / BPR and conducting several assessments; now I lead the Payments business service for ICEG.


In which professional and non-professional areas you feel confident as an expert?

M&A, SEPA, Operations/Back office processes

When choosing a business model, what characteristics do you expect are the most important? 

User experience