Ros Sokha

Sathapana Bank

Chief Digital Officer

Mr. Sokha has over 17 years of banking experiences before accepting a new role at Sathapana Bank as Senior Head Product Development and later as Chief Digital Banking Officer (CDO). He started his first career at Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce and later took a management position at Union Commercial Bank running Visa Card Center implementing the first EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) Visa Platinum Card in the country. He continued to drive the card business until he joined ANZ Royal in 2005 where he worked with the regional project team to rollout electronic banking regional agenda transforming and modernizing the banking landscape. He was later seconded to ANZ Laos for cards and electronic banking transformation. His experiences were also extended to operational excellence, contact center, and customer relationship management. Prior to joining Sathapana Bank, he led and drove cards and digital banking at Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia as Senior Manager Cards and eBanking. He was a speaker at various digital financial services forums and received recognitions and awards from IDG for his contributions. He got a BBA from Royal University of Laws and Economics and MBA from Asian Institute of Technology in partnership with EcoleSupérieure De Commerce Nantes Atlantique (ESCNA).

What inspires you in the payment industry? 

Cashless, convenience, global and lifestyle 

What do you feel about the disruptions in the payment industry? 


What recent event / innovation inspired or frightened you? 

Visa client forum

How do you envision the role of banking and processing companies in 5 years? 

Adding more values to consumer, business and government

What qualities of your strategic partners will make you feel confident now and in the future?

Being more proactive and supporting

What do you think was the biggest lesson for payment industry in 2018?

Silo, remote, rush plan

What are the payment features that you use yourself on a day to day basis (for example, contactless, Apple Pay, p2p transfers etc)? 

Payment and lifestyle