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Rolf Gudomlund

Business Manager



In which professional and non-professional areas you feel confident as an expert?

Well I know a bit about the financial industry, having worked for an issuer before
and now being with a processor.

What do you feel about the disruptions in the payment industry? What recent event / innovation inspired or frightened you?

I love it. The financial industry definitely needs disruption, and particularly the
mobile and wearable movements are something that I follow with great interest.

 When choosing a business model, what characteristics do you expect are the most important? 

Understanding who you your customers are, having a clear value proposition and
identifying and valuing your key resources

Is there a book or a channel that grabbed your attention recently? Why?

Well I just recently read a book on how to raise kids to be more mentally robust,
as I have a 4 year old daughter. Not that financial business related though... 

How do you envision the role of banking and processing companies in 5 years?

Processing companies will consolidate I imagine, we already see that happening today.
Banking will move even more to digital, likely experimenting with even more ways of
“avoiding” face to face business interactions with customers. 

What skills do you feel are must-have for a decision-maker today and in the future in the banking industry?

When I find out I’ll probably write a book about it :)

 What qualities of your strategic partners will make you feel confident now and in the future?

Transparency, trust and a mutual understanding of each other’s business