Philippe Schalk

Senior Business Development Manager

I've worked in the payment industry for more than 15 years, mainly on the issuing part. The past few years were dedicated to the migration onto the WAY4 platform of a portfolio of more than 3 Million debit and credit cards, and the implementation of new functionalities.

What you see as key trends in your business

The current trend I see in the payment industry is the usage of the mobile phone. Despite the slow start of this payment method, the young generation has grown with smartphones or tablets. From a simple mean to call somebody it has become a powerful tool to store data, provide applications used on daily basis, send SMS and occasionally phone. Using the mobile phone to pay in a shop is just a matter of time.

What inspires you in the payment industry

The payment industry is always moving and evolving. Ten years ago, a card was a simple piece of plastic. Today, the card has a chip and is becoming intelligent. What will be the card tomorrow? That’s the challenge. How will we be able to ease the payment while keeping the right level of security?

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