Periklis Papaspriropoulos

Head of Sector, Cards and Consumer Loans Division

National Bank of Greece

Mr. Papaspiropoulos was born in Athens, in 1961. He is married and father of two boys. He has a Degree in Physics and postgraduate studies in Statistics and IT of the University of Athens. He has worked as a researcher in ΕΚΕΦΕ «Democritos» in various scientific projects in the area of Atmospheric Dispersion Models.

At the same period he participated in projects, developing commercial applications’ and was a lector at IT and Communications classes.

He is an author of a range of scientific publications that were recognized by international organizations. He was a speaker at Scientific and Enterprise congresses around the world.

Since 1991 he has been administrative executive in IT companies, with managerial positions.

In his career, he has undertaken business development projects in the Banking and Enterprise sector, establishing solutions and services.

From 2007 till 2014 was the Head of Contact Center Sector in National Bank of Greece.

Since 2014 holds the position of Head of Sector, in Cards and Consumer Loans Division of National Bank of Greece.

Mr. Papaspiropoulos moreover is a member of Greek and foreigner organizations (EPY, AIIM, SEPE).