Paulo Monteiro


IT acquiring team coordinator

Connected to Unicre on the acquiring side since 1996, I have passed by several company departments where i could get knowledges from various and different business perspectives, such as customer support, data analysis, marketing or even as product manager, then in 2011 i was invited by the IT department to integrate the team that was implementing Way4 in Unicre for the acquiring area, and since that time i have follow the implementation and Go-Live of Way4, and currently I continue to work daily with it, providing internal support, acting as one direct connection with OW support teams, in addition to maintaining an active participation in several projects related to business evolutions necessary for Unicre to remain as a competitive company in the acquiring market.

What inspires you in the payment industry?

It is a market constantly being updated due to technological developments, the new rules imposed by regulators with a focus on security and data protection, but especially due to the way people are changing their habits in relation to payment methods, nowadays thinking about payments with only card is no longer a reality with future, the current moment should be focused on the realisation of transactions in a safe way but specially in a more transparent and simple action for the client, and it is our duty to be part of this new reality, since it will happen and whoever is able to keep pace with the new reality will mark a position and survive in this competitive market.

What qualities of your strategic partners will make you feel confident now and in the future?

A good partner should be well aligned with my company's objectives, showing a focus on meeting aligned objectives and deadlines, presenting quick and simple solutions to the problems presented, as well as keeping an eye on the market developments so that proactively can suggest developments that can be beneficial to both parts.