Niklas Apellund



Niklas is one of five co-founders and CTO of Enfuce. When combining Niklas business knowledge, technical skills and security awareness Enfuce is able to provide innovative solutions were security is built into the foundation. With his knowledge, hands-on development and guidance, Enfuce built and launched a PCI-DSS compliant payment platform in a public cloud in less than half a year. 

What inspires you in the payment industry?

I have been in the payment industry developing service for the past 15 years. But the last few years the level of innovation has really taken off. The amount of players that are joining the financial industry and developing new services is impressive. This is what most inspires me - to innovate and build new solutions that makes payment seamless. I believe that the innovation really has taken speed the last few years thanks to technology, and even specifically to the public cloud. When companies can run services anywhere they want and easy - then new products can be developed without limitation. 

What qualities of your strategic partners will make you feel confident now and in the future?

When Enfuce looks for strategic partners we are looking for someone that shares our mindset. That believes in true collaboration and that is not after the “quick fix” to make money but instead in it for the long run and really aims to make it a win-win partnership. Enfuce believes in finding right partners to build the best possible product, one company cannot do everything 100% - thats why Enfuce seeks partnerships with companies that does 1 thing really well.