Nguyen Ba Tu


Business Relationship Manager 

  • 1996-2001. Graduated as Engineer of Applied Mathematics at Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam.

  • 2001-2004. Project Manager to lead the implementation project about Billing and Customer Care System in Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Corporation (VNPT).

  • 2004-2006. Master degree of Software Engineering, Aalborg University, Denmark.

  • 2006-2008. Head of software department in Center of Health Information Technology, Ministry of Health, Vietnam.

  • 2008-2010. Project Manager of Formis Bass sdn bhd, Malaysia. To lead Vietnam/Malaysia team to implement stock broking solution to national security incorporation, Vietnam.

  • 2010-now. Worked for Openway Asia, Vietnam office. I started from Implementation Engineer and then senior consultant, project manager. At present, I had been appointed as Delivery Group Manager 

What inspires you in the payment industry?

Challenges in tech and business process inspire me because I have a chance to learn new things and work with the most innovative solutions.

I really enjoy working with WAY4 solution because it is stable, scalable and adapts to new technology/requirement. Once I implement WAY4 solution in a bank or a processing centre, I am confident in it because of its proven track record.

Payment industry is huge market ($100 trillion ++) and being in the centre of it is exciting.

What do you think was the biggest lesson for payment industry in 2018?

Apple Card Event. We should prepare for revolution of payment industry. Contactless + tokenization + mobile app will kill payment methods based on the use of physical cards.