Elie Soukayem

Data Strategist & Data Analytics expert

Areeba SAL

Data Strategist & Data Analytics expert, NLP practitioner, leads by example to empower people and set the right mindset. Strong believer in the mix of technology and people to enable digitization and innovation.

Elie Soukayem is the Director of Data Analytics at areeba SAL, his main mission is to establish a data driven culture by removing the technical obstacles and implementing a state-of-the-art data platform to the point of ingraining a data culture in the employee’s day to day tasks.

His main duties are designing, developing and implementing platform and processes that transform data into assets and areeba into an insight driven company. Having an extensive experience in data technology tools and techniques, he defines the principles of a performant data architecture built on cutting edge technologies.

Prior to areeba, Elie spent more than 15 years in helping several financial institutions to extract business values out of data in order to enhance operations and create new innovative products and services.


What inspires you in the payment industry?

Opportunities to innovate are enormous, enabling fast and easy payment methods is the heart of customer centricity that will reserve us a seat as a major industry player

What do you feel about the disruptions in the payment industry?

It is moving fast, sometimes I am worried that we woke up someday and it is too late

What recent event / innovation inspired or frightened you? 

P2P various innovation and the lack of adoption in our region

How do you envision the role of banking and processing companies in 5 years?

Leverage AI, data analytics and better customer experience to become a real financial enabler to every individual