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Pavel Gubin

Director of Sales, EMEA


In the theory of business, there is a concept of blue and red ocean. From my point of view the
outsourcing is a red ocean now. It is already packed, there is a very high competition. 15 years ago, outsourcing business was very simple and understandable, the customer said: "We need 10

Now the customer says: "We have a problem". Now this is not request just on staff, but also business consulting, strategy design, user experience design, visions - the whole chain. Outsourcing is much simpler model and the service business comes to replace it. These services are for developing final solutions that solve specific business problems. A feature of this approach is to make a solution not for the customer, but for his client. This is much complex and requires much more trained people who will be able to provide the entire cycle. Service model is more modern. This is where we should move to.