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Natalia Moskvina

Executive Assistant


Natalia joined OpenWay at the beginning of 2018. With her academic and professional
background in the legal area, Natalia is now responsible for supporting the OpenWay
management team on a number of projects. Natalia is passionate about traveling. She is also fond of sport and self-development. 

What do you feel about the disruptions in the payment industry? What recent event/innovation inspired or frightened you?

Recently Visa and MasterCard announced that they were going to launch card-to- card
transactions via phone numbers in Russia. Now to make a transfer the sender needs to submit the phone number of the recipient, and systems will automatically match it with the card number. This will allow to make transfers between the cards of all banks. On the one hand, I was greatly impressed by this news. In my opinion, this activity proves that future has already come. On the other hand, I am concerned that using the phone numbers for card-to- card transactions could cause some problems such as:
- If a person has several cards, how will the system know what certain card to use?
- If the sender makes an error submitting the phone number, will it be possible to cancel the transaction?
- If card details get stolen, will the IPS offer special instruments to prevent transactions?

There is no doubt that this news will bring more opportunities to cardholders, however, we should remember that security and safety issues might require additional attention.