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Matt Sinclair

Group CIO

Network International

Matt heads the Technology and Business Transformation function for the Network International Group. He has more than 25 years of experience in technology roles, ranging from IT consulting to CTO and CIO in financial services, and digital experience including payments, retail banking, insurance, asset management, publishing and online media. Matt joined Network International from Barclaycard UK where he was the CIO for their global payments businesses. Prior to Barclaycard, Matt was CIO for Retail & Business Banking for Absa and Barclays in Africa, based in Johannesburg, and has worked with several organizations including Barclays Africa and Absa, PayPoint plc, Marsh and Thomson Reuters.

In which professional and non-professional areas you feel confident as an expert?

Payments, Banking, Technology.

What do you feel about the disruptions in the payment industry? What recent event/innovation inspired or frightened you?

I think artificial intelligence and machine learning are on the brink of changing almost everything we think we know about doing business.

When choosing a business model, what characteristics do you expect are the most important? 

Early proof of concept, avoiding large J-curves.

Is there a book or a channel that grabbed your attention recently? Why?

The Optimists Guide to the Future by Mark Stevenson – how technology will help create the end of the age of scarcity.

How do you envision the role of banking and processing companies in 5 years?

I think in general payments (and banking) will become more “embedded” and “frictionless” with a focus on customer experience supported by data. Amazon “1-Click” and Uber are good current examples of this.

What skills do you feel are must-have for a decision-maker today and in the future in the banking industry?

Increasingly more based on data than instinct or even experience.

What qualities of your strategic partners will make you feel confident now and in the future?

The qualities I prize most are honesty and integrity