Warm Season’s Greetings from OpenWay!


It looks like everyone is making wishes for the next year, and so is OpenWay. Continuing the valuable, inspiring partnership with you is on top of our wishlist.

Together we can discover new ways of reshaping the payments world. AI, QR, NFC, Wallet, API, Cloud – let’s play with all those trendy letters and turn them into our own powerful statements in 2019!
Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays!


On November 4th OpenWay kicked-off its first official Fun Run.

On November 4th OpenWay kicked-off its first official Fun Run.

Every day we run projects, tests, businesses and lives. But what about an actual run? 

On November 4th OpenWay kicked-off its first official Fun Run, a cross-country open-air run through the pine woods. The diverse participants of all ages – engineers, developers, and sales managers at OpenWay and their families – challenged themselves with 1-, 5, and 10 km races. 

“To some, this distance was an easy walk, a routine workout, whereas others faced it like a real challenge. At the end everyone was happy. And such a peaceful and homely atmosphere, with kids, families! It seems that everything worked out!” said Olesya Prischepa, the Go!OpenWay organizer and digital banking product manager in one person.   

A Different Kind of Teamwork

 “A Weekend With Colleagues? For some it may sound crazy that you can enjoy pastimes with your colleagues outside work. But if this pastime is something different from the day job, spending a time in a company of intelligent and inspiring people is actually a good thing! It helps to get to know colleagues better, see them from a new angle, and this improves communication at work, too. Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you’re not in the office!” – says a race participant.

What’s Next? 

As OpenWay is a global company, we want to challenge other local teams as well. It’s pleasant to run in the woods, but running on the sunny beach in Indonesia or along the North Sea coast can be a great out-of-office experience, too.