OpenWay Rated Among Top 10 Mobile Wallet Providers


OpenWay has been identified among top 10 white-label wallet solution providers in the rating prepared by Velmie FinTech, a one-stop US agency that delivers Fintech solutions.

According to the research authors, when choosing a white label vendor, there are certain criteria that are important to consider because the long-term success of your mobile wallet will be determined by the vendors ability to deliver to your evolving needs. Critical considerations include:

  1. Microservices architecture. Even if the starting point is the same for all clients, every company will develop at its own pace and will adapt the wallet over time to meet its customer needs. By developing a branded mobile wallet solution using microservices, companies are able to easily adapt and scale the technology over time for increased usage or a growing number of users without having to change the underlying architecture of the wallet.

  2. Customization. The vendor should be able to customize the solution to your exact specifications. Many technology providers sell wallets “as is” or provide APIs so that companies can plug in additional functionality. But this is not ideal because it does not offer the end-customer a wallet that has been carefully designed for them.

  3. Capacity. The vendor should be able to easily scale its development resources up and down when needed so the customer does not need to hire a huge team of dedicated developers.

  4. Technical support. The vendor should offer a flat monthly fee for hosting and technical support so that the client can focus on its business, knowing that the wallet is being supported by the developer and will function effectively.

  5. Integrations. The vendor should have the experience and capability to handle all types of integrations with the clients’ systems. The vendor should also be equipped to test and train users so that they are comfortable using the wallet and are in a position to make full use of all the functionality it offers. Preferably, the white-label mobile wallet provider should have a local presence to oversee the integration of the software.

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