Make Your Mark on Instant Payments in Europe


Brussels, 20 June 2019

OpenWay, a global provider of software for digital payments, invites you to review the final draft of “Mobile Initiated SEPA Credit Transfer Interoperability Implementation Guidelines”. This document is being developed by a cross-industry group created under the European Payments Council (EPC). OpenWay and other leading payments market experts have contributed to the final draft.

OpenWay is encouraging its clients to share their views on the Interoperability Implementation Guidelines for Mobile Initiated SEPA Credit Transfers. The document covers best practices and use cases related to the initiation of instant credit transfers in different mobile payment contexts, such as person-to-person, consumer-to-business (retail payments including both in-store and m-commerce payments) and business-to-business payments.

EPC has published the document for a three-month public consultation. Payments market participants are welcome to comment by 23 August 2019. To share your views, please contact the OpenWay team or send your feedback to

WAY4 for instant payments 

WAY4 provides technologies required for solutions based on SEPA Instant Credit Transfer or other faster payment schemes. These include tokenization, QR-code and account-based payments, mobile wallets, transaction-risk analysis (TRA), strong customer authentication (SCA), and instant settlement. To learn more, please download the brochure.

Planning to launch a payment service based on the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer interface? 

As an official member of the multi-stakeholder group created by EPC, OpenWay will be glad to work with you to develop your instant payments solution.

About the initiators

The European Payments Council formed a multi-stakeholder group in 2018 to develop implementation guidelines for mobile-initiated SEPA instant credit transfers and address interoperability issues. The group consists of PSPs, technology vendors, retailers, consumers, mobile network operators, relevant associations and other stakeholders from various sectors.