Banesco Updates Its Credit Card Technology Platform


Banesco Banco Multiple, a branch of Banesco Group in the Dominican Republic, has updated its credit card technology platform with WAY4, the leading digital payments software developed by OpenWay. Nativa, a payment processing company owned by Banesco, will handle all the payment processing for Banesco entities in Panama, Dominican Republic and Venezuela after updating legacy in-house and outsourced systems to WAY4. 

WAY4 is recognized by various financial institutions around the world as a strong, flexible and robust solution for card and digital payments. It is considered a world market leader according to reports released by Ovum, a UK-based consultancy firm specializing in digital media and technologies. 

“With the new platform, we can give cardholders of the Banesco Visa Credit Card the best experience possible. The change in our technology platform brings important benefits such as faster, safer and more flexible services,” says María Clara Alviárez, Executive President of Banesco Banco Multiple.

This is a great step for the corporation, since this makes the Dominican Republic the first country where the Banesco Group has migrated its credit cards to an updated platform. It also puts Banesco Banco Multiple at the forefront in the Latin American region and innovation in the financial sector. 

With the implementation of this new world-class platform, Banesco maintains its innovative vision and its main objective of providing the best customer experience, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to achieve this goal.