OpenWay Meets Payment Specialists From East Africa at Seamless Payments in Nairobi

Digital wallet for fun or convenience? – make your choice at Seamless East Africa in Nairobi with OpenWay


The WAY4 innovative Wallet platform can support various business models and UX scenarios – come and see it yourself in our exclusive demo and discuss your particular business case with our expert team. OpenWay showcases its WAY4 digital payment processing at Seamless East Africa, 3-5 September 2018 in Radisson Blu Nairobi - book you demo or meeting now!

WAY4 digital payment ecosystem goes far beyond the traditional card and merchant management system – discover our solutions with us if you are interested in:

  • Profitable digital banking and wallets for financial inclusion of the unbanked - go branchless!
  • Cost-efficient card issuing (credit, debit, prepaid) and innovative ATM services 
  • Omni-channel merchant acquiring (POS, mPOS, mobile and e-commerce, kiosks) 
  • Highly available national and local switches & payment gateways 
  • 360-degree customer service through all channels, including loyalty, chatbots and personalized offers

OpenWay serves over 130 banks, processors, national switches and telcos worldwide – let’s share knowledge and expertise! Our team looks forward to meeting you at Seamless East Africa - schedule the best time now!