TOP-5 bank in Kazakhstan Launches Innovative WAY4 PIN Set Service

ATF Bank is the first bank in Kazakhstan to implement a novel way to set PINs at ATMs that is both convenient and cuts costs dramatically. The service is based on the WAY4 PIN Set solution developed by OpenWay, a recognized leader in software for bankcard issuing and acquiring, payment processing, and omni-channel banking services.

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"The WAY4 PIN Set technology allows us to offer our clients a quality and highly relevant service. When a card is issued, instead of a paper envelope with a random set of digits, the client gets an SMS message with a card activation code. Then the customer at an ATM independently sets a PIN that's easy for him/her to remember" – comments Inessa Espenbetova, the executive director of ATFBank's card business.

"We see that banks are showing a growing interest in the WAY4 PIN Set technology. Printing and sending PIN mailers is a rather expensive process. The ability for clients to set their own PINs allows banks to cut bankcard issuing costs. It's worth pointing out that all options fully comply with international payment system security requirements" – notes Dmitry Dovgal, deputy director of business development at OpenWay.

WAY4 PIN Set technology allows clients to set their own PIN using a mobile phone and an ATM. The use of two channels as well as additional restrictions such as a validity period for an activation code and a special status for a card when it is issued ensures this operation complies with all security requirements.

WAY4 supports several options that allow banks to stop using PIN mailers. Currently solutions are implemented for setting PINs at ATMs, POS terminals, through IVR, SMS messages, and web forms on the bank's website. Scenario configuration depends on the bank's business requirements.