WAY4 Switch Is Chosen For Regional Interbank Switch In Indonesia

ASBANDA, an Association of Regional Development Banks in Indonesia, and OpenWay, a recognised leader in software solutions for issuing and acquiring, payment processing and switching, and omni-channel, are starting the switching project which will connect 26 Regional Development Banks (BPD) of 34 Indonesian provinces.

OpenWay was chosen because of its broad and successful experience in implementation of the switch projects both of regional and national scale. This vendor’s portfolio includes National Payment Switch for Central Bank of Bangladesh connecting 17 banks, Universal Electronic Card switch for about 15 largest Russian banks serving more than 90 million active cards, and Finnet’s payment gateway with more than 60 banks and 20 billers connected on a single WAY4 platform in Indonesia. 

ASBANDA in partnership with OpenWay will implement a comprehensive flexible BPDNet Online switch solution that consolidates ASBANDA member banks on a single processing platform. The WAY4 Switch solution developed by OpenWay is a solid technical foundation for this project. The planned infrastructure on WAY4 includes connections between all the provincial Regional Development Banks, existing local and domestic switches, mobile operators, and billing aggregators in Indonesia. Volume transaction projection is 20,000,000 transactions for 2015.

BPDNet Online switch will give opportunity to all participating banks to offer a variety of the interbank and payment services to the customers with better pricing and enhanced service. 

Erzon MM, Head of BPD Regional Champion ASBANDA, stated: “BPDNet Online is a big milestone for all ASBANDA member banks. It will optimize the payment infrastructure between provincial banks that allows them to compete with leading commercial banks in Indonesia and deliver the best payment services to customers. Our choice of WAY4 as a processing platform was made due to high security standards, flexibility, time to market provided by this solution. Also we paid attention to the vendor’s reputation in Asia-Pacific region”.

Rudy Gunawan, Managing Director, OpenWay APAC, commented: “OpenWay is strengthening its position in Indonesian market. I believe that our project with ASBANDA will be smooth and well structured because of OpenWay’s relevant project experience in Asia and other regions”.


ASBANDA was founded in 1999, the Association of Regional Development Bank (ASBANDA) is an autonomous, nonprofit organization, who serves as the receptacle in unifying and to strengthen cooperation mutual inter bank regional development throughout Indonesia. ASBANDA with the BPD Regional Champion (BRC) program will introduce BPDNet Online solution to the member of ASBANDA as a big milestone to support 27 BPDs to compete with leading commercial Bank in Indonesia.