Kazkommertsbank Implements WAY4 Datamart for Effective Business Intelligence

Kazkommertsbank, Kazakhstan's largest bank and OpenWay, a recognized leader in software for bankcard issuing and acquiring, payment processing, remote banking services and financial transaction routing have implemented the WAY4 Datamart business intelligence solution, allowing the bank to track the efficiency of its card business.

WAY4 Datamart is a business intelligence database that allows issuers and acquirers to evaluate the effectiveness of various card products based on data exported regularly from the WAY4 card system. The solution can be used to generate statutory reports for government authorities, and specialized interactive reports to analyze the profitability of the bank's card business, broken down by products, time periods, financial institutions and other parameters. 

The bank's team and OpenWay implemented the full configuration of WAY4 Datamart covering the entire issuing and acquiring business managed in WAY4. Bank employees can use the solution to independently create reports and filter data from the system in various ways, using standard data warehouse data marts.

Currently, the bank gets accounting reports from the WAY4 Datamart warehouse, with the possibility to view trial balance, balance sheet and client account statements, expenses and revenue by account types and for various periods; statistic reports for the National Bank and payment systems; as well as interactive analytic business reports – expenses and revenue for retail networks and card products, including credit card products, structure of credit card debt, revenue for partner bank processing, etc. Data are exported to the warehouse daily. 

“We can already say that the implementation of WAY4 Datamart has significantly improved the performance of the internal bank reporting system. We plan to track card portfolio statistics that are of interest to us, and by analyzing them, decide whether to develop a particular product, as well as to create an archive of data from the production system, allowing further analysis of information for long periods of time” comments Inessa Yespenbetova, director of Kazkommertsbank's bankcard department.

“We've been in partnership with Kazkommertsbank for over 15 years. I'd like to point out that it is with this bank that we have implemented a number of innovative projects, including contactless payments, EMV support and now WAY4 Datamart” notes Dmitry Dovgal, deputy director of business development at OpenWay.

About Kazkommertsbank

Kazkommertsbank is one of the largest commercial banks in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and is the largest by total assets in Kazakhstan. According to data for September 30, 2013, its assets were 2,635.1 billion tenge (equal to USD 17.1 billion). The bank offers a broad range of services through its branch network in 45 cities across Kazakhstan. Kazkommertsbank also has subsidiaries in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the Russian Federation.

The bank has a reputation as the most technologically advanced bank in the country and is a leader in launching and implementing innovative solutions for products and services, especially in operational banking, the card business and remote service. Kazkommertsbank has the most functional Internet banking in Kazakhstan, including mobile banking, is the exclusive issuer of AMEX cards, and the only bank in the country to offer clients a unique loyalty programme.

The bank is currently focused on expanding cashless payments, developing contactless payment technology and mini POS. Kazkommertsbank was incorporated in 1991, initially specializing in services and financial products for large and medium corporate clients in all sectors of the Kazakh economy. In 2006, the bank launched the KAZKOM trademark for working with retail customers and small and medium-sized enterprises. Global depository receipts (GDR), the basic asset of which is the bank's shares, are listed in the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The bank completed an IPO in GDR form on the LSE in November 2006, the first CIS bank to do so, for a total amount of 845 million USD.


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