Leading European processor migrates to WAY4

Nets, a leading European card service provider, has migrated its issuing business to OpenWay’s WAY4 payment processing system. Data migration is complete, and operation of the first bank in the project has already been launched. With the issuing volumes of 2.5 million cards, Nets is among the ten largest payment processors in Europe, and hopes to climb even higher with the help of the new infrastructure.

Having already proven its strong positions in Europe, WAY4 was Nets’ preferred choice when the processor decided to migrate from their enterprise system. 

“We selected WAY4 in order to promote further development of our payment card issuing services. At the same time, it was necessary to ensure seamless integration of WAY4 with the systems of banks, our clients. An additional challenge was the need to migrate roughly 2 million existing cards in a way that is unnoticeable to the end-user,” says Senior Vice President, Mikko Pilkama, responsible for Nets´ Issuing Services.

Mikko Pilkama continues: ”It was essential for us to be able to find a proven state of the art platform for our issuing business continuum. Moreover, for a payment processor like Nets, growth of the processing volumes depends on us supporting our banking customers to increase their revenues. For this reason we chose WAY4 platform and OpenWay as our partner.”

“In our line of work, a key to success is cooperation between the client and the vendor, i.e. team play,” says Wim Pardon, Managing Director of OpenWay EMEA. “It allows us to create/build a united and well-coordinated project team and it provides us with a reliable basis for further collaborations. Having started with migration of one bank, and with many more to follow, we are very happy with our partnership with Nets, which allows us to quickly implement joint projects to the highest standards and to help our clients grow.”


Nets is a leading provider of digital payment services and related technology solutions across the Nordic region. Nets sits at the centre of the digital payments ecosystem and operates a deeply entrenched network, which connects merchants, corporate customers, financial institutions and consumers enabling them to make and receive payments as well as, increasingly, utilise value-added services to help them improve their respective activities.