OpenWay’s WAY4 Processes AIS Mobile Top-up Transactions

OpenWay, a global provider of payment processing solutions for banks, telcos, processors and government agencies, announces the successful migration of Advanced Info Service Plc. (AIS) “Refill-On-Mobile” solution to WAY4.

Today, WAY4™ manages all prepaid phone mobile-refills and bulk purchases for AIS.

The OpenWay team replaced AIS's legacy system with WAY4™, establishing greater PIN security and offering an enhanced multi-level agent-based USSD top-up together with a host of other pioneering features, asserting OpenWay’s leadership in providing secure and high-performance transaction processing solutions. 

“WAY4™'s ability to process AIS’s high volume top-up transactions with built-in fault tolerance affirms WAY4™ as the industry's most compelling technological proposition for mission-critical, high-performance systems requiring exceptional reliability, " said Wim Pardon, Director of OpenWay Belgium. “This deployment by one of Asia’s largest mobile services providers demonstrates the outstanding value OpenWay provides through our market-leading combination of quality engineering and advanced technology.”

In addition to the benefit of enhancing the existing top-up features, WAY4™’s solution framework presents a string of business possibilities which allow AIS to innovate and bring new features to the market quickly. 

"WAY4™ is an excellent illustration of how AIS brings together the best of breed enterprise solutions to deliver new levels of service experience to our business partners and mobile subscribers. We leveraged on OpenWay’s experience in secure payment transactions and WAY4™’s flexible solution framework to enhance our mobile refill system and to cater to the dynamic and rapidly growing business. Since then the transaction volume has increased by more than 30% and AIS agents have doubled." says Tay Yeow Lian, Vice President, Product Development, AIS.

What is WAY4™ Mobile Top-up?

WAY4™ Mobile Top-up is a mobile refill transaction processing solution from OpenWay. It has been designed to work with mobile solutions to process high-volume transactions and provide the necessary transactional and system security and reliability. Rich and proven in functionality, WAY4™ Mobile Top-up is best qualified to meet the needs of telcos in transaction management and to support innovation in mobile services.

Advanced Info Services Plc. Thailand (AIS)

Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS), a subsidiary of Shin Corporation PCL., is the established leader in Thailand’s wireless communications industry after more than 15 years of services with its market share more than 50%. To date, AIS service network covers 795 districts (Amphur) throughout Thailand, plus international roaming across in six continents. AIS has continuously enhanced and expanded its network in order to respond to the market and technological advances, whilst keeping abreast of consumers’ growing demands and needs. It continues to integrate the latest in advanced technology and deliver more than just voice communication, with GPRS and EDGE technology. AIS strongly believe that wireless communications bring changes to the way Thai people live their life, regardless of who they are and what they do. With endless communications possibilities, the quality of life is better.