Natalia Tomashkova

Product Development Group Manager, R&D Division


I am working in the payment industry since 2003 when I joined OpenWay. Starting with project management, I steered several migration projects to WAY4 In-house cards processing systems in Russia, CIS countries and Romania then in 2011 I migrated myself to Product Development department of R&D Division to take my current role in WAY4 Financial Core and Integration products domain.

My daily work is mostly about balancing between two extremes - incorporating a lot of changes in the product demanded by most innovative customers of OpenWay and at the same time ensuring the product stability and minimal impact on incredible number of very different and quite complex WAY4 configurations installed at various banks and processing centers.

What you see as key trends in your business

Back in 2015 I believed that though card processing business will diversify a lot – many markets would adopt mobile commerce, but traditional plastic will still be in use in many countries. Now my firm believe is that traditional plastic cards are doomed and will soon follow the route of vynil records which have given way to other media. To continue this  analogy I think that ‘new’ payment methods which seem so modern today will also give way to something even newer like tapes and CDs  followed vynil and now we are streaming the required content, be it sound or video, into our very mobile and compact playing devices from internet. What next? No one knows for sure but we are ready anyway!

What inspires you in the payment industry

I like agility of payment industry and the fact that every day we get new challenges, this is fun.