Martin Deutscher

Product Manager - Issuing Processing

In 1996 I started working for APSS in the role of a Business Engineer for Chipterminals, with focus on ATM development. In 2002 I switched to the parent company - Europay Austria (since then rebranded into PayLife Bank and acquired by the SIX Group). Up to 2014 I was in charge of Business Engineering and Workplace IT.

Today I am in Product Management responsible for Acquiring Processing and Issuing Processing for the whole SIX Group.

What inspires you in the payment industry

The recent trends towards mobile are a cultural change of the whole society, which means, that the payment industry is not driving the process, but it is driven by this cultural change. So also the speed of this change will not be defined by us, but it will be defined by the users. And the gap between security and comfort will widen and it will become more difficult to find solutions, which are easy to use for the cardholder, but which are secure enough to discourage fraudsters.