Luis Gama

Head of IT, Operations and Contact Center

With an experience of 20 years in the financial Industry I started in 1995 at Banco Comercial Português, the major independent Portuguese bank, and worked there until 2011 covering several areas and responsibilities in Portugal and abroad (Poland, Romania, Greece and Turkey). In mid-2011 I joined UNICRE, first as Head of PMO for the WAY4 Project, then Head of IT and, since November 2014, Head of IT, Operations and Contact Center Unit.

With a team of 82 internal resources complemented with an adequate number of outsourcing resources, our mission at Unicre is “the provision of excellent services, with appropriate quality at established service levels in a context of constant innovation and technological transformation, process improvements and permanent and sustained cost optimization."

I have a background in Information Systems Engineering (1992) complemented by an MBA (2000).

What inspires you in the payment industry

The possibility to participate in one of the most rapidly-changing areas of the financial industry landscape, where digital revolution and mobile technology adoption, together with regulation and consumer behavior changes, are challenging all players, incumbents but especially new entrants, to innovate in products and services at a much faster pace and to set up the paths for a simpler and more convenient and integrated payments industry.

At the same time other exciting battles need to be fought and those are the ones related with the challenges of regulation, increasing competition and consolidation, profitability and business sustainability.

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